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once your a member of that site they have someway to *** your computer , I was a member of bisexual playground.com . when I made a complaint agiast a member name brandon .

they slandered me on my own profile , what they did it , they made it where everyone eles cant see it on my profile and it would not show up when I would view my own profile , that went on for a few months till someone told me what was going on . in that time I was being slandered and lied about . I did not get one email from anyone .

I told them to eather stop slandering me or delete my account , well they blocked me from accesesing my profile and stold my money , and they just recently *** my computer and stold some of my pictures to make it look like I was still on there site my screen name was morgh on there , my best advise I can give anyone is not to sighn up on that site and let everyone you know to not sighn up . becouse once they have secretly put a tracking cooking on your computer they can *** your computer at anytime , norton anti verus does not work against there hacking abilitys .

Monetary Loss: $80.

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I would suggest grammar and spelling 101 to get your point across.

The second word in and the reader can already see how well you will be versed at explaining yourself in the most concise manner, which turns out to be spectacular throughout this grammatical train wreck.

Commas, periods, spelling are so bad I think drawing pictures by crayon would make more sense and should be mandatory

How often will you use the word there incorrectly? Apparently too *** often.

Stold? Really.

Advise? Really Sighn? Really Anti Verus? Really Becouse?

Really Abilitys? Really Good luck.

I suggest getting a grammar book and dictionary.. It will help you immensely

Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom #945198

computer crime unit of police will investigate? james


They pulled the same bull on me and when it didn't stop I had my attorney contact them. Got my money back and my profile was finally deleted.


Bisexual playground is owned by a Muslim Identity. Their goal was to lure people onto their site and make insults and just make Americans look bad.

That terrorist group has many other web sites that are doing the same thing under the radar .

This is a fact . But keep in mind NOT all Muslim people are bad just like other religious groups .


I wont use Bisexual Playground anymore now that I know they are funneling money to Iran . Just so you people know .

Its illegal to do bisiunes with that website becouse of the SJ on Iran . You dont want Homeland security to put you on a watch list .


I live in los Angels and I was looking for bisexual friendships . Well I tryed out Bisexual playground and I didnt like it.

They tryed to charge me for the free trial and I didnt get any contacts from anyone . To make things worse I started getting a lot of spam . I also was treated really bad in the free chat room by people I didnt want to meet up with .

I notice there was some post on here that was removed by a paid BP member who post there xspearances on there . I know who it is and Ill do the same to them


I can assure you that I am in no way knowingly promoting a "scam." My husband and I are just two people looking to have a little fun. I am only trying to provide my experience on the site, which has been positive.

Members do tend to skew older, I do agree (although my husband and I are in our early 30), but beauty is subjective, and there are PLENTY of people - old, young, fat, thin, etc - getting laid on that site.

I've just never experienced the negative things that others have experienced, and wanted to provide some balance to the conversation. I will be the first one to report a negative experience, should one occur as has been outlined by many others.


BP SUCKKS, Its just another scam . Happy member is just promoting a scam .

Most of the so called members are nasty and old and fat. They use people to get others on the site so they can scam them too.

If your hot and have a perfect bodie they post a dishonist banner on your profile where you cant see it and other can and that keeps you on the site so other see your profile and others will join. But you wont get no replys , I agree with the good people who have posted on here about the scam BP is running.


Well, this is my point...no one will have a reason to post anything on your profile without your knowledge if you keep to yourself. Should BP crack down better on those who abuse the site? Sure. But having been an active member for 2.5 years and NOT treating it as a place to make friends and spend several hours a day/week chatting with people in forums/the lobby/etc, I have avoided all of that nonsense.

BP should not be treated as a social scene, but as an adult dating hub. Just look at the site! If anyone really goes into BP with the expectation of finding a long-term, monogamous parter, then they are out of their tree. Condemning the entire site because of a few power-hungry moderators who creepily live their entire lives on the Internet, as well as more than a handful of users who obviously aren't adult enough to use an adult web site just seems silly.

Don't talk to the moderators. Stay out of group chats. Don't do or say anything that might prompt someone to lash out at you. Or, simply, don't spend so much time on the site. Don't get so involved. Have a life outside of the Internet. If you do that, it CAN be a good site.


Take the site for what it is , Its a gamble . You might meet someone and you might not .

I wont go back back for personal reasons I did have good times and had lots of bad times. BP just needs to change some of thier policeis .

Like posting lies on some profile where others can see it and you cant. They know if you can see the lies posted youl quit and take your bis eles where , But if your just looking for short term companionship .BP is ok for that.


Good GOD, do you all have lives outside of this site?

I have been a member of BP for a couple of years. I have never received spam, had any messages deleted, gotten in a fight with another member (online or in person), or had any issues with the moderators. I have never had a problem with my computer as a result of this site. Why? Because I mind my own *** business. I stay out of the forums and chatrooms. I don't treat other members as close confidants. IT'S A SEX SITE. I browse the profiles, privately communicate with people I find attractive, and hope for the best. If it doesn't work out, then I move on, and look again. You all are way, way, way too involved on the site. The fact that you are angrily referring to each other by your usernames is proof of that. When you start blurring the lines between BFF and sex partner, and do so SO OPENLY without any sense of decorum or discretion, this is exactly what happens. So many of these issues start because someone got in a *** contest with someone else. When you're having fights with someone on the internet, its time to take a step back.

Treat the site for what it is and you'll be fine. BP is not like "Cheers," folks.


Well I have just seen first hand what everyone on here is talking about. I joined the site and had a diference of opinion with Mortiser and it was just like everyone said they team up on you slender you to all the others on the site behind your back.

I have found out that if you do not bend to there way of thinking you will be cast out and slammed to all others on the site. I followed all there rules to a T.

Yet only to find that the rules only apply to commen members and the moderators may do as they please. Please people if your reading this don't waste your money becase the webmasters could care less once they get your money!!!!!!!!!!!


Well I figured Ladyink would say I never had her. You must be scared your so called hubby will find out.

Everyone knows the three of us hooked up sh it veryone on BP knows it.

You know the V-lady told everyone. But oh well it's the same old thing from BP closet *** and fakes.


Everything they are telling on here is true. It has been found that Bisexualplayground is a Spam viruse site.

They will and do infect your computers. They have tracking cookies that can not be removed by normal security.

Only a computer tech can remove them and everytime to go back to the site your re-infected. FACTS


If you join Bisexual Playground . You will be subject to spam and email viruses sent to your email address from bisexual playground.

They do this to people who get a lot of attention . Bisexual playground is a troll site.

Its what they do. You are paying them to troll you .


Have you people not learned yet. BP will do as they wish.

Trash you trash your friends and read your emails and your chats with others on the site. AMAZING people just keep going back for more. Just look at the main page of there high lighted memeber LMAO most are of people that have not even been on the site in months or years.

If you look most of there members Have not even logged on in years. 90% of profiles are fake or just like people on here they left the site long ago.


BP is at again , their sending viruses out using a Youtube email front saying. From youtube service .You have a message waiting.The other one is , Youtube service , Your video has been approved .

Dont click on it becouse its a tracking virus. Youtube would never send emails out like that.


You know I have been on BP for several years now and have had to buy two new PC's. I had my last one check out buy a computer designer. Well guess what they found out that all my PC problems came from the same place. GEEZZZZ like we didn't know all the tracking and viruses came from BP. They have tracking cookies that can not be removed by your PC protection. Neither your Norton’s nor any other Pc security can stop there attack. Because when you sign up you are telling your PC the site is ok. That’s why they can attack your computers so easy. My computer store showed me many complaints on the site BP is listed on many sites as a scam site. Just thought everyone should know this. All you have to do is ask any computer repair place about the site and they all tell you the same thing stay away from Bisexual Playground If you value your computer.

Oh yes and I know just like many others on here know that they do in fact read and delete any and all of you emails on the site. They do it because that way you can't send anything on the site that is against them or anything negative about the site. If you want your Emails private you must take them off the site or they will be viewed each and every time you send one on BP and if they don’t like what you’re saying or you not in there click they will just disappear before they ever get to the person.


Just look at what the Feds done to Google over all the collecting of private information. BP is just small potato’s but they will get to them as well sooner or later.


If you join BP your PC computer will be infected with MW cyber attacts. trogen viruses., This is what they do . This is a fact.


I left for personal reasons . I know for a fact they read peoples private messages .

They even put dishonist banners on your profile if they dont like you .

All that is illegal too. Also for the people who get alot of attention they do like they post them on STD offenders even if its not true.

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